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Solidarity is a trend in social justice. It can be defined as a harmony of interests among individuals in a group, especially when shown in unanimous support and collective action for something. A feeling of compassion is often our first response when we witness the misfortunes of others, but solidarity goes beyond feelings. It is not only a spontaneous concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, but also a decision to take action and to ensure that action is taken to improve the situation sustainably into the future.

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We have chosen to experience solidarity in action by making ourselves one with the people in the communities in which we work. We work hands-on and heart-to-heart with people in need. We make their goals our goals. We learn from them, and use our skills to help them achieve their goals. This implies valuing the dignity and the culture of people that we will be working with. Solidarity is a heart-to-heart option for community development, implying fraternity and cordial involvement with real people. It is not about imposing cultural perspectives of life, but rather learning and sharing with our host communities. Solidarity is about working together, with one heart, with those in need.

Solidarity Experiences Abroad is an initiative founded on the principles of global solidarity, human development and the defense of human dignity. We offer participants a meaningful opportunity for international exposure, broadening academic and professional interests, while developing social awareness. Many participants have returned with an expanded view of the world and global issues, and have been motivated by a desire to continue making a difference.

Past participants have been proactive in raising funds for the construction or renovations of daycares, pre-schools, community centers and medical clinics in developing communities. Other participants have gone on to continue their travels to developing countries with other organizations, while a multitude of former participants have made a choice to continue on or become more involved with volunteer activities within their own communities.

Every year, interest in this program has increased, allowing us to expand and grow to add new destinations and experiences. The positive differences that our participants have made in developing communities and with the people with whom they work are mirrored by the positive changes in themselves. Past participants have established themselves as determined, motivated individuals whose desire to work in solidarity provides an unquestionable testimony of everything our organization represents.

Overall, Solidarity Experiences Abroad has been providing a formidable experiential learning tool for improving and developing leadership skills and academic performance; helping people to grow in virtues; broadening their world vision; and creating a strong generation of future leaders and visionaries able to connect their careers and skills with local or international development endeavors within a multicultural society.

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